Non Recourse Funding Program Through Winter Bank SBLC Providing and Discounting

Winter Bank 5M USD Instrument Providing and discounting:-

  1. Name of the issuing Bank:- Winter Bank Co & Ag
  2. Type of Instrument:- Standby Letter of Credit
  3. Face Value of the SBLC:- 5M USD
  4. Leasing Price payable after discounting:- 6% +1%
  5. Provider Country:- South Africa
  6. Beneficiary Country:- UK/QATAR
  7. Discounting Bank:- Barclays Bank UK/ Doha Bank Qatar
  8. Net Discounting Value to client deducting leasing prices and intermediary commission:- 16%
  9. Initial Swift Transmission Charges payable after signing agreement:- 24.9K USD
  10. Total Time Frame to close the Deal:- 20 Banking days

a. Applicant will submit the required documents
b. We will perform the due diligence on the documents.
c. Upon completing the successful due diligence, Provider will issue the SBLC Providing DOA draft to the applicant.
d. Applicant and Provider will complete the DOA with their details and sign the same, thus it will become a commercial contract.
e. Within 2 banking days the discounting agreement will be signed by applicant and the discounter, and it will become a full commercial contract
f.Within 2 banking days of signing both of the agreements, provider will raise an invoice of Swift Transmission Charges 24.9K USD to start the transaction
g.Applicant should clear the invoice amount within 2 banking days.
h. Within 2 banking days of reflecting the payment Provider will order Winter Bank to issue MT 799 RWA Swift.
i.Within 2 banking days of verification of MT 799 RWA, Receiving bank will reply to Winter Bank with MT 799 BPU Payment Guarantee
j. Within 3 banking days of verification of MT 799 BPU, Winter Bank will issue MT 760 SBLC.
k. Within 10 banking days of receipt and verification of MT 760, the receiving bank will disburse the Leasing price to Winter Bank, Intermediary Commission and rest of the 16% net Non-Recourse Funding to the Applicant.
Please go through the deal overview and and the detailed procedure of our proposed deal.

Required Documents:-
1.Client Information Details (Find the attached draft)

2.Passport and ROC of the company

3. Any utility Bill (Water Bill/Tax Bill/Electricity Bill) 

Interested Clients are requested with their queries and Documents at

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