Our culture has instructed us to esteem our customers and dependably hold significance to their questions. Consequently Forth we are here to help our customers by noting their for the most part made inquiries on our Services. We put stock in solid Long Term Relationship and Transparent Business With the Potential Clients by Clearing every one of Their Doubts. For our current offer Procedures Please Follow Our Blog Page.

What are the types of Financial Instruments you work on?

  • Standby Letter of Credit.
  • Bank Guarantee.
  • Medium Term Note.
  • Long Term Note.
  • Letter Of Credit.
  • Documentary Letter of Credit.
  • Bankers Draft.
  • Promissory Note.
  • Safe Keep Receipt (SKR).

Which are the issuing Banks?

  1. Deutsche,Barclays,HSBC,Standard Chartered, City Bank and Other top 25Banks
  2. Winter Bank, Soleil Chartered Bank, Suisse Credit Capital, Leumi Bank,Euro Exim Bank, Axios Bank,BWI Bank and others.

Are you Provider of The Financial Instruments?

No. We are Direct Mandate/Consultant to the Provider and act as Intermediary Between Provider and Clients.

What Should be the minimum Face Value of SBLC/BG?

For non rated bank the minimum face value should be 5Million USD and For Rated Bank the minimum face value should be 10Million USD.

What is the Minimum LTV for Monetization of SBLC/BG?

For Rated Bank Leased SBLC Minimum LTV would be 45%+5% and For Non Rated Leased SBLC Approximate LTV Would be 13%+2%.

Can you meet with us and close the transaction on table?

Sure. You are always Welcome at our office. we are ready to meet with you and close the transaction on table.

If you are direct to the provider and Monetizer can you arrange direct interaction with them?

Yes sure. We can arrange Direct Conference Call With Provider and Monetizer if needed only after getting confirmation from you accepting the procedure.

What Should be the required Documents for Providing, Monetizatoin and Trading?

  1. For Providing, CIS , Passport and BCL , ATV.
  2. For Monetization, CIS , Passport, and Copy Of the SBLC or RWA Letter from Issuing Bank.
  3. For Trading, Full KYC of the client, POF and ATV.